GB SOFTWARE is a technical software firm offering integrated software development solutions and subscription products primarily for businesses in retail and wellness industry. We believe the existence of information technology in contributing towards an affordable and sustainable business environment, as well as transformation for businesses to be more impact-driven.

Our strength lies in understanding the client’s business processes, culture, vision and goals, and offering client-centric solutions, which are optimized throughout cost and development processes, thus leading to a sustainable business impact.

Unique Team Experience

10+ years in Software Engineering

5+ years in Construction Engineering

ASEAN Talents + Hong Kong Quality

Our Leadership Team

Isaac Kow 

Co-Founder & CEO

An engineer, researcher and entrepreneur, he is a devoted Christian who believes in business as a mission, and the importance of engineering and software technology in creating good impacts to its customers and the community. 

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Jessie Foo

Project Manager

Focus on understanding client's business flows and passionate about streamlining flows for the customers in building the most user-friendly products for clients. 

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Our Partner Ecosystem

Driven by collaborative and affordability initiatives, we select and partner with the right market leaders to offer the most-fit solutions to our clients, bringing together our regional talents and innovation for sustainable development and values.

Awards & Recognitions